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VegFest 2022 Speakers & Panelists

Our theme is  ''Voice For The Voiceless'' with a roster of 6 inspirational speakers. learn from alternate health doctors, naturopaths,  bankers, herbalists, vegan food activists, vegan chefs, entrepreneurs, authors, animal rights advocates, wellness & lifestyle coaches, Pan-Africanists, and international activists who are changing the world for good. 
This is a lively four hours of short, 10-15  minute talks/panels to share key concepts about healthy lifestyles, plant based nutrition, building immunity, animal rights advocacy and an eco-friendly environment and introduce speakers who you may want to follow.

Master of Ceremony - Edwin Baffour - PRO, Food Sovereignty Ghana
Special Guest of Honour - TBA​​

Topics for Discussions

  1. 12 Steps to raise your vibration - Kola Braimah

  2. International Meatless Day : A Voice for the Voiceless (An Animals Rights Advocacy) - Preeti Deepak Budhrani

  3. Embracing Meatless Monday for a healthier life! - Sylvester Segbaya 

  4. Dr. Cosmos Larbi - Healing Herbs

  5. Elevate My Business - Mrs. Loretta Abena Sarpong

  6. Plant-Based Diet For An Eco-Friendly Environment -  Dr Prince Yadiel

VegFest 2022 Speakers Flyer.png
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