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From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of Vegetarian Association of Ghana

Registered in 2005 as a not for profit association, the Vegetarian Association of Ghana is a member of the International Vegetarian Union (IVU) which is a growing global network of independent organizations with the aim of promoting vegetarianism worldwide.
The Association has been at the forefront of educating Ghanaians about the healthy alternative of a lifestyle based on a vegetarian diet.
The organisation is made up of members from all walks of life and members belong to a wide range of religious, non-religious & spiritual orientation. Personal beliefs are not a prerequisite to becoming a member of VegGhana, health living is the common denominator binding members. We welcome vegans, vegetarians and anyone living or transiting to a healthy lifestyle.
Several people from all walks of life support the efforts of the Association especially during the Annual VegFest now held every Farmers day 1st December by setting up exhibition stands to educate the public on their varied agendas and also sell healthy food goods & services to attendees.
VegGhana is at the fore front of propagating the benefits of Vegan, Vegetarianism and healthy lifestyles.

1-on-1 with  the President of Vegetarian Association of Ghana

Kola1On1 is a bi-weekly social media engagement with the President of VegGhana as he hosts a member tell his or her healthy lifestyle journey.

Get in touch with us if you want to share your story or your experience with our community.

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