Building strong immunity in the era of Covid-19 through healthy lifestyles.

Updated: Jul 18

(VegFest 2021 -- the eco-friendly vegan fair)

With much excitement, we begin the much-needed, and long-awaited vegfest 2021. At this point in world history, it is pretty obvious that fruits and vegetables are a human's best friend. Many people have experienced debilitating health conditions, only to be told to limit their intake of artificial foods, and animal products, and instead replace them with more fruits and vegetables. Other times, we do not even need to be told -- our bodies tell us, that we cannot have another burger, or fatty food; we instinctively know to take more water, juices and salads, when we feel stuffed and heavy from the compounding effects of unhealthy eating.

"Those who think they have no time for healthy eating, will sooner or later, have to find time for illness." -Edward Stanley

Covid19 is here now, as the illness that is ready to attack both the healthy and unhealthy eater, but it's kind of obvious that the healthy eater stands a better chance of surviving right? When Covid19 hit Ghana, the most common tip out there, in news outlets, was that we should take lots of vitamin C, in order to boost our immune systems, against the disease. Implicitly, this means a stronger immune system could actually ward off the virus. The proof is in the fact that, people with weak immune systems, and pre-existing health conditions, are the ones who have been most affected so far; some precious lives have even been lost to this disease, and we continue to battle this monster of a virus.

Only taking vitamins, and other supplements in order to strengthen our immune systems, but still maintaining the unhealthy lifestyles, that weakened our immune systems in the first place, is like sweeping dirt under the rug, just to present an appearance of cleanliness. It is only a matter of time, till that dirt resurfaces again. We need a wholistic approach to collectively battling this virus -- what we already instinctively know: to live an all round healthy life.

Yes, it is easier said than done, especially for the non-vegan and chronic junk food eater, but hope is not lost. VegFest 2021 presents the perfect starting point. Aside granting free-access and parking to the general public, there are going to be a number of eye-opening events, that are sure to motivate the very beginner to embark on this necessary journey to a wholistic healthy lifestyle. If you are already on that journey, then welcome home to your tribe.

There will be Chef Demos, Inspiring talks from credible speakers, delicious vegan foods, live music, yoga and dance, and also, there will be healthy vendors present, giving you the opportunity to leave with all you need, for that head start into your healthy life journey. For the vegans and others already on the healthy life journey, you have the perfect opportunity to restock your kitchens with food from vendors you can trust.

This year's VegFest is also an eco-friendly one. Come witness the possibility of an eco-friendly society through and through, and get inspired for the journey ahead. Get supplies for yourself, and network with the like-minded. Honestly, vegfest 2021 could not have come at a better time. We need this as a country, fighting a pandemic with woefully limited resources; the least we can do as citizens, or people currently living in Ghana, is to ensure that our immune systems are ready to fight off the covid19 virus.

"The mind in addition to medicine, has powers to turn the immune system around." -Jonas Salk

VegFest 2021 is for you, if you believe in intentional eating, and a wholistic approach to healthy living. Attend this two-day event, for the inspiration, networking, and head start you need.


Massive thanks to all members, and contributors. VegFest 2021 kicks off on the 18th of September, 2021. Find all relevant details below:

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