Five Interesting Quotes on Veganism:

Quotes are always epic phrases, that speak volumes -- simple sentences that contain answers to questions, that would have required pages of explaining. Today, VegGhana decides to serve you with five of some of the most interesting quotes on vegetarianism, for your reading pleasure, and for when they might come in handy:

Tell someone you are a vegetarian, and suddenly, they have a degree in nutrition.

Beginners on the vegetarian journey especially relate to this. Often we feel the need to let the people around us know we are vegetarians. Maybe because they offered us some meat, or maybe it came up in conversation. With time, we learn to cease having such conversations with people who have blindly taken their stance again vegetarianism; we learn to stop explaining out food choices. However it's hard to deny the humor, and slight irritation, that arises when these people quickly jump to advice us on how much we need meat in our lives.

Yes, I'm Vegan; no I don't eat only lettuce.

Immediately you tell a person committed to misunderstanding vegetarianism, who you are, the next question is, "so you eat only leaves". How they instantly forget that the majority of food staples come from plants, beats me every time.

Another day vegan, and I still haven't died of protein deficiency.
Edgy Veggie Press

Well, this myth was debunked in the last blog post. If you have not read it, you may check it out here:

Vegetarian- that's an old indian word, meaning lousy hunter.
Andy Rooney

Not everyone intentionally transitions from a meat-based to a plant-based diet, due to health reasons. Some people are naturally sensitive to the fact that there was literally the flesh of dead animals on their plate, and that was enough insentive to call themselves vegetarian.

Finally, this fifth quote; my personal favorite:

The animals of the world exists for their own reasons. They were not made for humans, anymore than, blacks were made for whites, or women for men.
-Alice Walker

Under every oppressive system, the oppressors must feel justified for their behavior. Let us recall the centuries of slave trade that took place not too long ago, in this same world we live in today. Men and women in their right minds, justified the ownership and inhumane treatment of other living humans, just because it was the status quo. Today, femicide is on the rise: just last year, according to UN data, “Six women are killed every hour by men around the world, mostly by men in their own family or their partners.” Currently, animals are being cultivated, and slaughtered World-wide, at such alarming rates. When we keep these same animals as pets, we do not need to be told that, they also have feelings and personalities. We even grieve over their deaths. However, the status quo is that they are good for human food, so the blood shed persists.

As vegetarians, we serve not only ourselves with nutritious life-enhancing meals, but we are also consciously or unconsciously, serving as a force against the oppression of the animals of this world. Today, VegGhana encourages all vegetarians, with this short article, to keep going strong!


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