Queen Erin ''EB'' Cole

E.B. Cole is the CEO of EBCCS a medical coding agency with a primary focus on Health Data Statistics and Data Collection services. E.B. is an International Entrepreneur, Spiritualist, Culinary Alchemist, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, and Co-Author of The Break Through a Powerful Collection of Stories alongside reputable authorities such as Johnny Wimbrey and Les Brown. EB has been featured with The Steve Harvey & Marjorie Harvey Foundation’s Single Mothers Enrichment Program mentoring young mothers and girls on overcoming obstacles, and the pathway to success & healing. In addition, E.B. is the founder of Sankofa African Cultural Center, an organization aimed on educating the public about historical African Culture and Traditions. E.B. joined

VegGhana the Summer of ‘2021 as the Vice President Public Relations Officer. E.B.’s motto is Educate, Advocate, and Activate.

Her favorite quote is “We are what we eat”-Ludwig Feuerbach

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