Re-setting our body energies, in line with divine order!!!

Updated: Jul 18

(The Seven Days Raw Food Experience)

"The most under utilized technology out there today, is the human body."
-Susan Fisher

Just like any man-made technology (phones, cars, computers...), the human body can run at optimal levels, when well maintained. It can also breakdown/overheat/wear-out/underperform etc. when not well maintained. The inventor of every technology prescribes the best ways by which their inventions may be maintained. As such the inventor of the human body, which is our divine higher power, also prescribes the best ways by which their creations may be maintained. These prescriptions are found in nature, as both naturopaths and scientist continue to discover varied ways, through which nature itself fuels, heals, and replenishes the human body.

A typical example of how nature itself helps the body run at optimal levels, can be found in a principle called the Circadian Rhythm:

"Circadian rhythms are 24-hour cycles that are part of the body’s internal clock, running in the background to carry out essential functions and processes." -Sleep Foundation.

Our body works in sync with the cycle of the Sun & the Earth. We may not realize it all the time, but this is how we are tuned. Certain times are reserved by nature for us, to carry out our daily-life functions - elimination, eating, digestion, sleep, etc. Living as per the circadian rhythm keeps us healthier. If we go out of sync from this rhythm we tend to accumulate toxins and develop diseases.

Eating foods that aid these processes, at the right times, is what we refer to as, resetting our bodies in line with the divine order.
- Kolawole Braimah (President of VegGhana)

At optimal levels, and with no external factors like work demands, or illnesses, according to the circadian rhythm, the human body is designed to be awake during the day, and asleep at night. Aside regulating sleep, the body is also designed to eliminate the previous day's waste, early in the day, to make room for fresh fuel(food). However unhealthy eating habits, perhaps due to ignorance, or our unwillingness to practice our knowledge of healthy eating, can end up throwing off the body's natural functions. This brings about side effects such as, unhealthy weight gain, obesity, sleep disorders, sexual dysfunction, diseases, deteriorating mental health etc.

It is now common knowledge that water, fruits and vegetables are massively medicinal and helpful to the sustenance of the human body. However, there are still ways through which these provisions of nature can be optimized to our greatest benefits as humans. For instance, it's good to take fruits, but further research still shows that it is better to take them on an empty stomach. Also it is good to consistently fuel the body with food, but it is also better to take a pause from regular eating habits, every now and then, to cleanse, detox, or even heal/rejuvenate the body.

This is where VegGhana comes in with the much-needed help for all it's members - the Seven Days Raw Food Experience. An activity that takes place every quarter, giving members the opportunity to embark on the adventurous healing experience of Eating Raw Food Only For Just 7 Days. No cooked meal. Just water, fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, water, juices , medicinal herbs, microgreens, smoothies, herbal teas, creative raw food recipes and much more. Aside the great learning, and self-discovery opportunity it presents, there are also going to be benefits such as: weight loss, detoxification, and reduced inflammation.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
-Jim Rohin

We understand it's not easy to override our everyday habits, and begin new ones, however beneficial they may be. VegGhana is a community of like-minded folks, ready to embark on a journey to wholesome healthy lifestyles. You are welcome to the rare opportunity to join this 7 Days Raw Food Experience, where you will not be left alone, to figure it all out for yourself. Our team of experienced vegetarians and natural health professionals are set and ready to hold your hand, through this head start to your optimal health journey.

Find more information on our website; you may sign-up, and get in touch with your comments, questions, etc. We look forward to walking together with you through this journey to resetting our body energies, in line with the divine order!

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