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VegFest 2022 Countdown

VegFest 2022 is a plant-based food affair, care for animals and an Eco-Friendly Festival. 

We urge vendors to be mindful of single use plastic and rubbers.

We welcome everyone, whether you are a plant-based eater, an experienced vegetarian, a beginner, or just curious. We invite you to discover the advantages and experience the pleasures of plant-based food. While exploring new ways of eating, we encourage you to proceed at your own pace and enjoy the experience!!!


  • comfy shoes

  • water bottle

  • extra reusable bags for all the fun   shopping!

  • a friend to eat with

  •  an open heart and mind

Also on offer are amazing speakers who will explore and discuss plant-based nutrition, care for our environment and advocay for animal rights as well as  Meatless Mondays, a campaign by Johns Hopkins University Centre for Communication Programs (JHU-CCP).

You don't want to miss this great family weekend out event.

This event has a group. You’re welcome to join the group once you register for the event.

VegFest 2022

Fri, 25th Nov - Sat, 26th Nov | Christ The King International School


Theme: Voice For The Voiceless

About the Event

The Vegetarian Association of Ghana’s VegFest is an annual festival that provides the platform for all vegetarian associations, societies, agencies, academicians, researches and individuals from all parts of the globe to converge, to share and promote the concept of veganism, vegetarianism as a standard for healthy living and sustainability.

This event is a special family day out where VegGhana promotes awareness, share professional experiences and interact with key stakeholders and the public through various activities notably:

· Public Outreach Campaigns

· Educational Session Presentations

· The Grand VEGFEST Expo (Exhibition, Talk shows, Entertainment, etc.)

· Participants covering international guests, government officials and individuals always participate in this exciting spectacle.

Final Flyer.jpeg

Call For Vendors

Limited spaces available. Ends on 15th November, 2022

Early Bird Discounts - Ended 

vendor fees.jpg

VegFest 2022 Activities


It's A Family Day. Lots of fun and so much fun to explore!

Please bring your own reusable bags to collect give-aways and purchases.  

At our VegFest 2022 healthy plant-based food festival you can:

  • Taste free food samples, over 100 different kinds to try;

  • See cooking demonstrations by our vegan chefs;

  • Hear the latest information on diet, nutrition from our naturopaths and alternative health practitioners 

  • Learn how to meditate and practice to align mind, body and 

  • Experience free pranic healing and other forms of energy medicine

  • Special kids section with kid friendly activities, fun and more.

  • Come and enjoy amazing live music while you shop and enjoy a weekend out with your friends and families.

  • Join VegGhana Community and to receive a free deluxe tote bag filled with health and wellness coupons for free food and health and wellness products and services.

VegFest  2022 Partners

  • Partner with VegGhana and connect with the Health & Wellness Community.

  • Collaborate to share factual information about plant-based and vegan nutrition

  • It's our world, lets talk, protect and create an eco-friendly environment. 

  • Making healthy plant-based meals available to hospital patients and schools everywhere

  • Food Matters, Food as medicine. Let's explore one of the great challenges of our time.

Vendors & Exhibitors

Over 50 Vendors & Exhibitors.

There are so many amazing vendors coming to VegFest 2022

Lettuce help you Turnip the Beet with our amazing vendors who are kind of a big Dill in the plant-based community.


As we countdown, watch this space for the vendors, exhibitionists, and plant-based cooking demonstrators coming to this year’s event.

Nana Mancell demo2.jpg

Our Speakers For VegFest 2022

Our theme is  ''Voice For The Voiceless'' with a roster of 6 inspirational speakers. learn from alternate health doctors, naturopaths,  bankers, herbalists, vegan food activists, vegan chefs, entrepreneurs, authors, animal rights advocates, wellness & lifestyle coaches, Pan-Africanists, and international activists who are changing the world for good. 
This is a lively four hours of short, 10-15  minute talks/panels to share key concepts about healthy lifestyles, plant based nutrition, building immunity, animal rights advocacy and an eco-friendly environment and introduce speakers who you may want to follow.

Speakers At Vegfest 2022
VegFest 2022 Speakers Flyer.png
VegFest 2022 Volunteers
Edwin Kweku Andoh Baffour

Edwin Kweku Andoh Baffour

Master of Ceremony, PRO Food Sovereignty Ghana

Anthony Tamakloe

Anthony Tamakloe

Master of Ceremony, Executive Secretary, Green Label Ghana Foundation

Juliet Mawunu

Juliet Mawunu

Therapist @ LifeWellness Center

Janet Gayi

Janet Gayi

Customer Services Rep.

Jennifer Esther Darko

Jennifer Esther Darko

Student of University of Ghana, Intern @ LifeWellness

Joshua Kutiame

Joshua Kutiame

Insurance Broker

Mandu Baffoe

Mandu Baffoe

Confectionery Distributor

Doris Nyadi

Doris Nyadi

Sales Personnel, Zen Shop

Isaac Asaan Amaalug

Isaac Asaan Amaalug

Trainee Therapist, LifeWellness Wholistic & Ayurveda Centre


Vegfest 2022 will be held 11th-12 December 2021.  We will need over 20 volunteers.  We are accepting volunteer applications now so please donate your time as a service to our cause. 


  • You don’t need to be a vegetarian or a member to volunteer! 

  • Volunteering at Vegfest is a great way to help others while learning more yourself.

We know that vegetarian food choices have a big impact on people’s lives and the world they live in. Some people who attend Vegfest are already experienced vegetarians, but many, if not most, are beginners or just curious. You can make a real difference in their lives, by providing them with opportunities to try new foods.


VegGhana and Vegfest is run entirely by volunteers each year. We need hundreds of volunteers to make it happen.

We need help with various roles and shifts during the entire weekend.


To show our appreciation, all volunteers will receive:

  • The official Vegfest T-shirt, new each year

  • Free admission to the event

  • Satisfaction in helping people learn about vegetarian food and its benefits

  • A lot of fun!


Please email your application to by September 30th 2021.


For more information please log on or call 0553556279

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